About Me

I am an tinkerer, educator and researcher with educational technology, design, visual and media arts experiences. I believe that design thinking offers the most comprehensive approach in solving multifaceted “wicked problems” that surround us.

Professionally, I had organised nationwide ICT in education events and oversaw the development of ICT-based educational resources for teachers and students, including web portals, repositories and interactive games, during my career with the Ministry of Education (Singapore). I had also led a secondary school’s Art Department and its Art Elective Programme (an art curriculum catered for select group of artistically inclined students), supervising students in their General Certificate of Secondary Education (Singapore-Cambridge GCSE) Examinations; and initiated co-curricular activities to improved performance and confidence of ‘at-risk’ students in the school.

I have exhibited internationally as a visual and media artist and worked as events photographer, book illustrator and branding consultant to companies in Australia, China and Singapore. I am currently developing Bigbrownmonster.com, a craft-focused design initiative for young parents, while pursuing a PhD in tangible interaction design at Monash University.